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    I read some tidbit of the Orange version of T600 will package some sort of over the air back up/ restore software. This is great news! My question is can this great news be shared by us in the US? Does anyone know if the CDMA-US version will have this software? If so, will there be some sort of monthly fee for it? That would be awesome if we could not have to hotsync as often!
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    With the 600, you can just backup and restore from an SD card.
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    can it be from any storage card or just one of those "extension" cards?
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    I think this software will be available when US mobile operators introduce backup/restore services.
    Lokking at Orange positive experience I think it will be very soon
    Technologies that may become mobile...
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    You don't have to buy one of those "Backup" SD cards. You can backup and restore from any SD memory card, with the appropriate software.
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    I was thinking "over the air" meant you didn't need a card, that it would backup over the air to a server of sorts.
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    I would expect at least Sprint to offer this, if not initially, then at some point. I know the overall wireless enhanced services (such as backup & restore, downloading apps and such) is part of their plan for the 600, so I'd imagine that they'll have it. And so should the rest of the carriers as well. They will probably use some 3rd party wireless sync thing, like fusionOne or someone.
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    So, let's say... like the 7135, it just hard resets for no reason.
    You lose all data. You would be able to restore(hotsync) over the air? At least PIM, etc, which would be the most important.

    Or at least SD? I'm not familiar with all this, I still have a Palm Vx (not SD) Any different software you all USE?

    I could see this being a BIG advantange first off, since it WILL have bugs.
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    Yes, you will be able to do a full restore from your SD card after a hard reset. It will restore the Treo to the state it was in when you last backed up. I'm not sure why anyone would need OTA restore, unless they don't have an SD Card.
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    Thanks for the info, again, I'm just not familiar. I can see the OTA to be a benifit, if for SOME reason the SD wasnt around.

    I like the downloading apps, etc over the wire!

    Ok, gotta go think about something else, like work, to keep my mind offa this. Theses final days/weeks can really drive a geek mad.
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    The data restore may mirror the service model for the T-Mobile Sidekick where if you do hard reset and loose your connection, the next time you get connection it will download your mail, contacts, etc.
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    As an Orange Signature phone, the Treo 600 also features exclusive services for Orange customers such as an innovative function called Orange Backup. Orange Backup allows customers to store their personal and business data - such as contacts and calendar - on the Orange network and restore those details when required. That means that if a customer loses their phone, the information remains secure on the Orange network and can be restored on a new phone. There is also the Orange Update feature which lets customers update their phone with the latest software as well as download and store new applications over the air.
    This is probably exclusive to Orange. Hopefully a US carrier might implement something similar as well. I for one am going to back up my Treo to an SD card either way. OS5 software to do that is already available:


    Botzam backup

    Backupbuddy VFS (freeware version)
    They also have a retail version with more features
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    I agree that this is Orange-specific. I own an Orange SPV here in the US, and they include this software in the ROM of that device. It seems to work even over here with an Orange phone (I'm on TMobile).

    I haven't crashed the phone yet to find out if it would really restore, though, when you need it to.

    Again, Handspring includes 32 MB of memory on board, but only 24 of that is accessed by the user. Orange used the extra 8 MB for this app as well as other Orange-specifics, probably.
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    Works for those with a comp with only one main account on it.

    On Your Treo...with a VPN client: up hotsync and pull down the options modem sync prefs and select network

    2.go to lansync prefs and select LanSync

    3.go to primary pc set-up and type in "!!" for te name (with out the quotes.) put in ur internal IP and subnet mask..accesiable by running ipconfig on the cmd line. it should ask for Select Service when u click modem under the hotsync button in the main app.

    for those with a router without a VPN client u hace to forward ports 14968 and 19846 TCP and UDP protocols.

    for those without a not sure but u can try that...happy synicing
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    Handspring signed an agreement last winter with Action Engine to develop OTA web services like those announced by Orange. My guess is that since HS is co-developing the services, they are likely to be available through all the "Tier-1" carriers, not just Orange.
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    So you've actually succesfully hotsynced your Treo through VNC remote connect? I'm kind of confused. Thanx.
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    pointless really...when u do a hard reset u have to set up the wireless unless you know exactly how to set up a new wirlles setting thing the same as sprint ur screwed
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