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    I was having severe intermittent problems with my MIDI ringtones. First I thought they were caused by software. After much reading in this site, and trying every possible solution and update, I reached the conclusion that it was not a software but a hardware problem. Not only the MIDI ringtones would not work, but also the SMS tones would not sound or sound weak at times. I thought it was a software problem at first because the phone speaker would work perfectly when the lid was open. I finally noticed however that the ringtones would also work perfectly with the lid open. With the help of the "fun" window of TreoHelper (thanks!), I finally discovered that it was a wiring problem: the open/close tones would work when opening the lid, but would be interrupted or muted during the act of closing it.
    I carefully opened the case and checked the pair of wires that run through the hinge to the speaker. The two were stretching very thin at the hinge passage. Looks like this is a mechanical defficiency of the Treo: the wires get strained just after one year of use. I use it intensively as a Palm device, so I open and close the lid many times per day. I carefully cut the wires at the strained point, soldered and isolated them, and voilą! Perfect working, at least for another year.
    To avoid the problem, I will start changing the position of the wire in the hinge every year, so the strained point changes before rupture. One funny thing: after fixing up the problem, I started having again the high pitch sound that appears the end of some short polyphonic tones, as it has been cited in previous threads here. It looks like the high pitch is caused by feedback between the mikes, and happens only with the "loud" settings. Maybe this problem was corrected in later units, but my Treo has it. I stopped having this pitch problem exactly when the wires started showing signs of stress, so when it happens it may be a sign that the speaker wires are yet strained. Well, I'm just happy that my Treo is functional again!
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