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    I spent quite a while throwing this together.


    If you want the full Hi-Res pictures, click on any of the pictures.

    I hope that the traffic doesn't crash it.

    Also, please let me know the url of any other good pictures that you know of. So I can add them to the site.

    Treo 600 Picture Site
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    Excellent! Good job.
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    Treo 600 launched yesterday in London.

    And for France.....

    A (very small) review from PDAFrance .

    BUT a lot of pictures (with a AZERTY KeyBoard) (taken yesterday in London) HERE
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    Great pictures!! Thank you!
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    Here are the more interesting bits. Note that the reviewer didn't seem to have much experience with previous Treos neither did he seem to know anything about the 600 prior to attending the meeting.

    * screen was better than what he was expecting from the specs. he writes it's better than the M130 screen.
    * screen is transflective.
    * didn't use the screen outdoors.
    * users can get a free license of PocketTunes (for using MP3s) after registering on the Handspring site. apparently you need an additional adapter to make it stereo.
    * impressed by the keyboard. though it's small he could easily write without making mistakes.
    * cradle is an option. only the case and USB cable are provided in the standard box.
    * connectors are the same as for previous treos.
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    And the official Orange press release in English. Nothing new in there.

    Press Release
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    Bellisimo! Great job, Mike! That deserves to be set to music.

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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