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    do they plan on having a gsm plan in the near future?
    300 w/ Sprint
    will be
    600 w/ Sprint
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    No. Sprint is not a GSM carrier.
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    Originally posted by IcYPLaYa21
    do they plan on having a gsm plan in the near future?
    Nope. Sprint uses a totally different network technology, CDMA, which is already significantly more widespread than any US-based GSM network. Also, their technology allows for high-speed data transfer, which is certainly preferable to the bandwidth limitations of GSM/GPRS that AT&T and T-Mobile are providing.

    So no, you'll never see a Sprint GSM least not anytime soon.
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    I hope Sprint never adopts GSM. While there coverage may be spotty in some areas, they are great in most areas I have been. But the best part is their unlimited data "Vision" plan. It is only $10 more per month with the basic plans and included in most plans.
    I realize that not all people will use their cell phones for the Data, but I think Sprint will really have the advantage with the Treo 600 because of this. Email, surfing the real Internet, sending photos via email, real instant messaging. There are so many great possibilities.
    I better quit talking about this, I am getting so excited that the blood is going to other parts of my body and I am getting light headed.

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