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    I went to my Sprint store and played with many phones. All of Samsung's phones have very loud and rich sounding ringers. And some even have songs downloaded as ringers. My question is if 1) ringers on Treo 600 are comparable to Samsung's ringer & 2) if we will be able to download those same songs as ringers for Treo 600? I'm sure those of us who own Treo 300 have accepted the suckiness of our ringers. Only respond if you've actually heard a ringer from the Treo 600. Enough speculation & "opinions" to fill a friggin crater on this board! Thank you.
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    You have read the article here on TC regarding the ringers, right?
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    Yes I read that articleand listened to the sample ringers. Not the same as actually hearing them on a Treo 600 handset. I'd also like to know if someone has heard ringers on any Samsung phones & Treo 600 and can compare on likeness or lack there of. Thanks though Kurt.

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