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    Anybody have any ideas on the spec. of the Orange GSM version of the Treo 600. I have been told that it has 16MB of RAM standard by one sales rep and that is has 32MB of RAM standard by another sales rep. Can't believe that would honestly change the spec. of the handset depending on the GSM network. Thoughts appreciated.
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    Yeah, there's some confusion about the amount of Ram on the Orange version of the Treo600. There was a report from The Register that the Orange Treo600 may only have 16 MB ram:

    The handset contains 32MB of RAM, which can be added to using the handset's SD card slot - though we have seen specs. listing just 16MB of RAM, so Orange may be offering a lower-specced version of the device. The GSM version to be used by Orange is thinner than the CDMA version which Sprint will offer this autumn in the US.
    It's not certain if this is accurate or not. However, it seems Orange will be selling the Treo600 at a significant discount, so I would totally dismiss the lower Ram amount. I think you're just going to have to wait until Orange finally releases the phone to see what the actual specs are...
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