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    I am consideing buying either a Treo 270 or 300. I ahaving trouble understandign the differences. I know the 300 is for Sprint and the 270 is avaialbe for many networks. Is this theonly difference?

    My main concern is if there are any features or accessories available for one but not the other.

    Please shed a little light on this for me...
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    the 300 is cdma and can only be used with sprint. data speed is faster. it is a little thicker. i think it can play better sounding ring tones.

    the 270 is gsm and can be used on any gsm network like t-mobile, cingular and ATT. It can also be used in other countries.

    i dont think there are any accessories than cant be used by both.
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    Like Filipe said, the Treo 300 is for Sprint and only operates at 1900MHz CDMA. It can't be used for Verizon or any other U.S. carrier nor internationally.

    The Treo 270 is a GSM phone operating at 900MHz and 1900MHz, thus it can be used in the U.S., Europe, and Asia (or anywhere else that supports 900MHz GSM).

    Primary differences between the two are:

    Treo 300:

    - 1900MHz CDMA Sprint only
    - Polyphonic ringtones
    - Sprint Vision (faster "always-on" data connections than GPRS)
    - Poor SMS implementation - No true native support on Sprint (requires 3rd-party tool: Treo300SMS)

    Treo 270:

    - 900MHz/1900MHz GSM/GPRS only (Usable in and outside the U.S.)
    - Non-polyphonic ringtones
    - GPRS for "always-on" data connections
    - Multiple carrier support (T-Mobile, ATT, Cingular, Orange, Rogers, etc.)
    - Native GSM SMS support (no 3rd-party tool required)

    Sprint is supposed to be upgrading their SMS implementation to provide true SMS functionality, so that limitation may disappear.

    Otherwise, the two are virtually identical. Same memory specs, screen, dimensions, (Treo 300 is slightly heavier due to CDMA radio weight difference).
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