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    this is crazy...they will never sell it at this price!this is heartbreaking. unlocked may be a little cheaper, by say $200 or so
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    oh well, bye bye t 600. We hardly knew ye.

    PS. subsidized price probably starting at $499-599.
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    that price is unlocked....not sure how much a one-year contract extention may cost through your provider, but it may bring it down closer to $500 as a result.
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    That's not going to be the price. This company is just a middleman looking to make some extra dough from people who think they wil get it faster this way.
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    Agreed. While this may be the price in the end, it would be coincidence. This company is simply trying to get people to commit now to buying one at that price. For instance, I can set up a store to sell the next iMac at $5,000. All I have to do is go pick one up at Frys and ship it to whomever is gullible enough to pay me, and I pocket a few grand. Capitalism! Yee haw.
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    This site is absolute garbage folks! Click on the link for GSM phones. As you'll see they've got a number of EXTREMELY OVERPRICED unlocked phones. You'd be a lunatic to purchase anything from these "highway robbers".
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    First of all the ad can't even get it's own facts correct ... there's no such thing as a locked CDMA ... only GSM phones can be either locked or unlocked.
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    The ad also says that the T600 is a Tri Band GSM phone-NOT! Of course the unlocked phone will be more, but that is $300 more! (499.99)

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