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    I know that I can download a bunch of software from the handspring site to replace my broken CD (cracked from the center to the outside, I've got a "C" now). However, I'm not sure what else I'm missing. Here's what I've gotten off their support site so far:

    - Palm Desktop 4.0.1
    - User Guide + Keyboard Tips and Tricks
    - Pocker Mirror User Guide
    - Handspring USB Registry "Cleaner"
    - Pocket Mirror 3.1 update

    I get the suspicious feeling that there's some other stuff on the CD that I won't be able to download. And if that's the case, can someone be so kind as to provide the missing parts? Thanks!
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    i had the same problem...i had bought my treo off ebay and got everything except the cd. even when i downloaded those porgs i still needed the driver...but for some reason after re-installing a couple times the driver was found. anyways...everything you need (sync) should be found on that handspring site. if anyone knows otherwise then let me know.
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    seeing as I am on my 3rd T300, I have a couple of spare cd's hanging around.

    want me to mail you one? give me your address and I will put in the mail today. If you want it sooner, give me a fedx or ups account # and I will overnite to you. As you can tell, I am in San Antonio.
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    Thanks. I'll PM you with my work address. I'm going to make an image of it to make sure that I get an "exact" original lying around.

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