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    Who makes the belt clip in the third picture and where can I get it? Someone said they thought it looked ugly, but the "case" included with the treo 600 looks like it wouldn't be good for anything other than keeping it from getting scratched while in a purse. That would be useless to me -- I need to be able to clip it to my belt!

    Also, a topic that has not been discussed enough on this board -- is the treo 600's vibration while in silent mode strong enough to get your attention when clipped to your belt?

    The little that has been posted doesn't sound very encouraging (weaker than the treo 300, when there have been complaints about the 300?).

    I plan to rely primarily on this function. I hate other cell phone user's loud annoying ringtones. Besides why would I want everybody within 100ft to know I've recieved a phone call? ...other than so they can watch me pull out my treo 600 and drool. ;-) I want myself and nobody else to know. Even if they're standing right next to me talking to me.
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    Originally posted by jakilw
    I bet the little rubber thing below the antenna is a opening for an add on antenna. I have one on my phone that you pop the rubber piece out and can put a bigger antenna in there. Hopefully, we won't need to do this due to the size of the current antenna.
    hope this helps........
    Or...add a smaller antenna and remove the big one...
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