I've had a UX-50 for not quite a week now. I do like it a lot, but there are rough spots. The battery life when doing WiFi, or BT is a lot like the 270 - just a couple of hours and run to a charger. Even better, the cradle design make charge/sync separate connections, which is just stupid.

You get used to the keyboard pretty quickly, although I don't think I'm typing any faster on it than I was on my 270. The real negative with the keyboard is that Sony has not been as smart as Handspring in making everything keyboard controllable. You *do* have to go to the stylus fairly often for menus, options, etc. The "jog dial" is also fairly limited - I suspect a D-pad navigation device would be much better.

Still, the screen/form factor in general are great. Being able to use the WiFi at home and work gives much, much better net speeds than the phone networks. When I've taken it on trips, it's been great to have some converted TiVo'd shows to watch.

I think this will be my device until the mythical Treo 600 model with built in BT comes out.