I am in charge of getting sprintpcs cards for the laptops at work. we had verizon cards first but had a lot of dead spots and were being charge for "roaming". sprint cleared all that up. it works great and works anywhere from denver, atlanta, jacksonville, and the florida keys with no roaming charges.
I am the owner of a kyocera 6135 and have connect only a few times using my laptop at speeds of 14.4k. big change from the 50-144k of the sprint cards.
the questions i had for the sprint rep and i want to ask you guys for verification
1. what will be the speed when browsing the internet on the treo? (more like the 14.4 or the 144?)
2. when connecting the treo for internet browsing on the laptop what kind of speed will i get? (he said it would be more like 14.4 because the card uses compression software)
3. if i am connected to the internet will i be able to get phone calls? (he said the dont have VOIP yet)
new questions
4. sprintpcs is always connected? so i don't have to dial in to check my email?
5. are we going to be able to check hotmail? im? (with the kyocera i only had access to yahoo and hotmail thru gopherking if i paid a yearly charge, and no im)

i really will appreciate your answers. i have not been keeping up-to-date with the cell industry. i just think that is time to change this brick so i don't have to leave it in the car when i go partying plus it will help me when sprint comes out with the ptt technology since nextel only connects at 14.4. we want our guys to use the phone with ptt and be able to connect through the laptops. if any one has suggestions for this, let me know.