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    Hey dudes

    please help

    I'm having a few probs with my Treo and I'm wondering if this is the cause

    Every time I go into the PREFERENCES program, I click under WIRELESS and the wireless options don't show up

    instead, the screen warning comes on and says the above "Error: Cannot find Inetlib."

    From there, I press OK, and a Fatal Error occurs

    any ideas? any help is much appreciated
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    Do you have web clipping installed? If so, INet Library either did not get hotsynced to your system or it has been corrupted. You can find out by going to the launcher screen and choosing "Info" from the "App" menu. Once you've done this, scroll down alphabetically to look for INet Library. If it isn't there, then you need to install it. If you don't have the file, send me a private message and I'll e-mail it to you, or you can look for it by searching for info on web clipping.

    If the file is there according to your Info screen, then it is probably corrupted. You will need to remove it. Usually when INet Library gets corrupted, it can't be removed using the "Delete" menu. It can be deleted, however, by using a utility like FileZ or DB Utility. Both of these are available from Handango, I believe. I think DB Utility may be free at Scott Gruby's website (

    Good luck!

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    Curtis --- thanks so much man

    I'm gonna give this a try and I will report what happens - be well!
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    Here's a recap of my experience with this problem:
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    Thanks Curtis --- I threw inet on there and it looks good now

    unfortunately, I'm still having some AOL mail problems - I can sign into any screenname, except for my own --- any ideas?


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