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    I love the thumb board on my 300 but would jump at the chance to buy a "real" (read not ir) keyboard. Does anyone have any plans to make one for the 600?
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    I hate to tell you this, but I strongly suspect that fewer keyboards will be released that have direct connections, as opposed to IR or BT. The reason? Too many different connectors. My Targus IR keyboard works with Palm OS (3, 4, and 5) and Pocket PCs.

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    I read quite a few bad reviews for the targus IR keyboard
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    I use one of the IR keyboards with my Treo 270. Have to manuver a little to get it lined up but then it works fine. I'm assuming it will also work with the 300 or the 600 but, of course, there is no data yet. Alternatively, there is always the option of a bluetooth card (when they become available for OS5) and a bluetooth keyboard.
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    I don't know what bad reviews you've read. Are you sure they weren't about the Belkin IR keyboard? The Belkin's driver was buggy and it has the mirror.

    The Targus is very good, although some people don't like the split spacebar with the big gap in the middle. The Targus also has it's IR port on an arm that can be adjusted to hit the IR port on the PDA. No mirrors.


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