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    Since my last Palm had the digitizer problems, I haven't used it regularly in over two years. I got a Treo last week (and want the 600 already), and I've noticed that my apps are out of date. There's a TON of new stuff out there that does all kinds of cool and new things. I've glanced through a lot of the threads while lurking here for a while and have a few ideas on new apps but never saw good lists in one place from fellow posters.

    So how about it? Share a list of your most used or favorite apps and maybe details as to why or what they do better. Games, productivity, email, web links, and other info is welcome, too.

    Looking forward to everyone's lists!!!
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    Either AvantGo (simpler) or what I use, Plucker (more complex). They both download web pages to your Palm when it is synchronized - something you may not need if you have data service

    Another must for me is Due Yesterday, a student assignment list.

    And, you have to have Bejeweled, an addictive puzzle game that is stunning on a color screen. You'll love it when you're on the bus or waiting someplace - it's the only game I keep on my Visor.
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    There is a game called Strategic Commander, that is absolutly AMAZING! If you like strategy games I totaly recomend it. Also DocumentsToGo is very nice-it allows you to bring your office docs on your palm. Also, BugMe is a great remider program.
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    Originally posted by cml
    Either AvantGo (simpler) or what I use, Plucker (more complex).

    Wondering if you would mind listing/reviewing the advantages/features of Plucker.

    Thanks in advance.
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    There are a number of threads already on this topic. And I've noticed that people here use their Treo for all sorts of different reasons and so it's hard to say which apps are the best or most useful.

    Apart from a number of the usual popular Palm apps (which you can find on the big Palm software library sites like Handango), my specific Treo favorites include:

    SnapperMail - don't look any further if you need a decent email client. Shareware.
    TreoHelper - automatically enable the phone after a reset, keep the data connection alive, help reduce battery drain, etc. Freeware.
    KeyCapsHack - very simple yet very effective tweaks to the Treo keyboard. Freeware.
    TreoAlertManager - keeps popping up warnings, new SMS, etc until you've seen and OK'd them. Shareware (I've recently stopped using it though because I suspect it's part of my battery drain problem)
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    Originally posted by elysian9
    Wondering if you would mind listing/reviewing the advantages/features of Plucker.
    I've already written a review on it, which can be found at PocketLoft.

    If you have any questions on Plucker, feel free to post here or on the review.
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    1) xiino

    2) agendus pro 6.14

    3) contacts 4.14

    4) snappermail 1.8

    5) avantgo

    6) bankbook 3.2

    7) aol 3.52 for palm os

    8) splash id

    9) flyzip - compresses files, increases memory

    10) stockmanager

    11) weather manager

    12) cell plan tracker

    13) silverscreen III

    14) splash photo

    15) mapopolis gps for treo 300

    16) bejeweled - handango version

    16) sketcher plus!

    17) epocrates rx pro

    everything you need for mobile business! awesome applications!
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    wordsmith (kick-**** wordprocessor)
    ultrasoft money (checkbook thingy, interfaces with MSMoney)

    Those two represent 99% of my serious apps.
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    Pocket Quicken

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