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    I have had hell trying to configure a Nokia 6800 to work with ATT GPRS network, does any one know hopw the 600 will interact w/ the ATT network, ( CS seems to be telling me that i hve to use all the services through a browser ) rather impractical and time consuming, Many Thanks
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    well you have to remember that point of Mlife & GetItNow and Vision is to make those enhanced services available to ALL devices in those carriers' respective networks. Thus - that means the lowest common denominator in terms of connectivity - thus, you're talking WAP or other J2ME browser. Having those services specific to a device or to an app on specific devices doesn't make sense for the mass adoption those services depend on, to deliver their intended ROI.
    Good luck getting what you need. I wuld seriously doubt that you'll end up being able to use Mlife as ATTWS defines it - you're more likely to end up using Blazer and generic (or perhaps some Palm-optimized) sites.....
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    Nrosser thanks - i hope that i can use generic email accounts etc it will make the product way more functional! rather than bieng boxed into a wap enviroment for email etc!

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