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    Does anyone know if the new blazer will work with the older Treo's?
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    I can't imagine that it would. The 600 will be running Palm OS 5, which is written for a completely different processor.
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    First of all, the new Blazer is based on NetFront Browser core code. NetFront only has a PalmOS 5 version, so converting backwards to earlier versions of PalmOS has some built in dependancies that Palm/Handspring has little control over.

    Secondly, Palm will be discontinuing the last pre-PalmOS models (the Zire and the M515) next month. They are now trying to cut the cord with earlier versions of PalmOS, so don't expext them to do any more development on Pre-5 apps. This is kind of like when Microsoft cut everything over from MS-DOS to Windows. They realized that if they want the industry to adopt PalmOS 5, they can't sit on the fence themselves.

    Starting next year it will become increasingly difficult to find new PalmOS 3/4 devices in the U.S. Handsping moved, Sony moved a while ago, Palm will be there. I thing only Samsung with their I330 and the I500 and the Kyocera will be the only holdouts.

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