I love my 180, but my office moved a block away, and I landed in a pretty bad coverage hole. The phone MOSTLY stays connected enough to ring, but when it rings I have to grab the phone and run and stick my head out the window to talk.

At my desk, the coverage stays pretty much on one bar, and I can't talk at all. At the window, it goes from 1 to 2 bars, and I can mostly carry on a conversation but I have to repeat a few things occasionally.

Annoyingly, on the street only 30 feet below, I get 4 bars and perfect signal, it's something to do with the building construction I guess. (thick stone, heritage building, perhaps a lead roof. ;>)

Is there something I can do to improve the signal strength, even a little? Perhaps an upgraded antenna?

Alternatively, I've seen those FCC applications that show Handspring made small mods to the radio circuit when the 270 was done, perhaps does the 270 have higher signal strength? I'd be willing to upgrade if it helped.

Thanks for any ideas.