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    I'd like to have the ability to store Word documents on my Treo 300 and attach them to e-mails.

    1. How do I store the Word documents on the Treo? I've tried QuickOffice, and I'm not looking for something that converts or changes any formatting; I just need something to store Word files.

    2. What Palm e-mail software will allow me to add these Word documents as attachments? My current e-mail program (2bA Mail) only gives options for attaching an Appointment, Contact, ToDo, or MemoPad.

    Any suggestions, anyone?
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    You can't do exactly what you want to do.

    The Treo 300 cannot store native Word documents without some program, such as QuickWord, etc. involved. If you had a memory card, you could do it.

    I use QuickOffice and SnapperMail to handle Word and Excel files. I can move files between my desktop and my Treo using the QuickOffice Desktop. I can send and receive Word and Excel files (receive in native format, send in HTML and CSV) using SnapperMail.

    Note that it must be QuickOffice Premier.


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