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    If this often happens to you, and you like my proposal, please say so. The more support we get on this minor change, the more likely we are to see it made.

    Scenario 1) You’re driving in your car, you’re in the contacts app. You type in 3 letters and scroll down ten clicks to find a person, then click to dial a home number. The person’s not there, so you now want to try their cell number. Now you need to start from square 1 again. Return to phonebook, three letters, scroll down, all while driving. (Which we’d prefer not to do once while driving, never mind two or three times)

    Scenario 2) You get some phone numbers and or addresses in e-mail or the web and want to add the info to a contact. You try to copy all the info you need before you go to the contact app. You paste and edit some of it in, but you realize you need more. Same story. When you come back you have to search for the contact, before you can continue.

    What I’m talking about is state retention specifically in the contacts application. I understand why they chose not give us that. The reason is that most of the time you want a new number, and they’re avoiding the need for us to manually clear out the name in contacts search field. The latter, of course happens much more frequently then either of my two scenarios.

    My proposal would be a solution that accomplishes both goals. Either of the following would work for me:

    1) Whenever you return to the phone application, it always returns to the list with the last viewed contact selected. The contacts’ search field has the same characters typed as on the last search. HOWEVER, all of those characters in the search field are highlighted, as with a text selection. Thus, if you type a letter now, the search characters would be entirely replaced by what you now type, and the contacts would show a new list based on this new search. No more key presses required than if we had started from an initialized state. On the other hand, if you use the stylus to click in the search field, the old letters would be there to modify the last search. This, I think, is the best of both worlds.

    2) This would be slightly less flexible, but slightly more intuitive. In this case, as above, whenever you return to contacts, the list would be there based on the last selected contact. In this approach, there would be nothing in the search field. Typing anything at this point would start a brand new search. (This approach, BTW is exactly what happens now when you say "Done" after looking at a specific contact. However, the way it works today is that, if you leave the contacts application and return, the list is reinitialized to the first entry. )

    I prefer (1) above but I'd be happy with either



    (Please hold the comments on my unsafe driving, it won't help me.)
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    AWESOME SUGGESTION!!! This feature is available on other phones...
    Go Gators!
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    Not only a good idea, but essential if HS wants to build on the 600 with their following release. Doesn't sound like too much to ask for...

    I might add a suggestion, if I may. I've noticed that if I incorrectly dial someone's number manually that the 300 often recognizes that I'm trying to reach a certain person, as after pressing talk it dials the number I typed but displays my contact's info....Can HS modify this to either automatically dial the contact's correct number or prompt the user with an optionj of dialing the keyed number or the contact's number? The latter would obviously be ideal.
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    i grant you, the phonebook can be quite frustrating. as a result, i went with sprints voice dial feature for $5 a month. it's definetly worth it. i rarely search for numbers to dial anymore. i rarely dial. it works great. especially, when i'm driving.
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