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    Originally posted by RayUSA
    If Sony made the Treo 600 it WOULD cost $999!
    and more people would buy it too
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    Speaking as an engineer, it is obvious that progress and change is a part of technology.

    320 x 320 is needed because it is inherent to the browsing aspect of the 600, which is really the heart of the 600.

    One does not need a 600 just to get email...most phones do that with ascii characters. One needs it for browsing web sites, which result in pictures.

    320 x 320 is "picture" quality whereas 160 x 160 is "grainy."

    As a designer I would have put the camera out and used that weight and the cost towards the battery and kept 320 x 320.

    All of us nerds reading these posts are gonna buy whatever comes out of Handspring...the question is I guess us being the groupies behind the "device" how can we help or see the light towards the ultimate.

    For 1 or 2 or 3 years from now the Treo 900 will be quite the perfect device for many needs.

    Like a pen and a pencil...they are already "perfect." There is really no place to go from there.

    Of course the future will have laser projection screens where the Treo 9000 will illuminate the footbal game onto a 10 foot screen on the wall and measure your vitals and warn you of pollution, electromagnetic fields (which by then will be correlated with a reduction of ***** size and other less important fatal diseases), fold out onto a laptop and recollapse onto a phone at the press of a button and make Star Trek gadgets seem designed by a clueless sadistic nerd somewhere.

    And the Treo 90000 will generate its own power from potato chips or from pieces of dirt on the ground. Or from the particulates in the air, so one does not even have to put dirt in its fusion generator.

    But I would have loved to show my wife a good picture of her on the 600.
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    Remember that the Sony has BOTH WiFi and Bluetooth built in. This certainly adds to the cost -- perhaps as much, perhaps more than, the PCS radio. WiFi especially chews through battery life, too. It will be interesting to see how well or poorly the UX50 does on that front!
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    can i point out, that we are not handspring target market? the carriers are. i'm sure they got what they wanted.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    I am at COMPUSA and just played with the UX50. What a gorgeous device! And the screen! Amazing resolution! It is same thickness as the Treo 300. keyboard is much better than the other Clie's. I was not able to surf ... no BT phone and no WI FI in the store. Jog dial works great. mem stick, USB, MP3, MPEG 4, camera, only thing missing is the phone. When will Sony put a phone in there?
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    and when they do, it will end up costing the same ammout as a house! take care, jay
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    hell i will take the trade off between the treo 600 and the sony. i mean would you rather have 320x320 or a phone?? oh oh, tack on an extra 199.99 on the sony for good measure.
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