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    can someone translate what is being said here?
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    Welcome with the Treo developers

    By Orange France

    You are developer of applications on Treo/Handspring platform? You wish to develop your developments and to establish a relation privileged with Orange ?

    Then do not hesitate any more, become member of OrangeLab to be informed as soon as the program Treo developer is available.

    The community of the Treo developers is important for Orange. You thus can as of today sending to us the description of your applications to the address in order to evaluate your applications and to propose an adapted partnership to you.

    With soon !
    The team of OrangeLab
    2003 Orange France, all rights reserved
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    It's basically asking if you are a developer of software applications for Handspring/Treo (Palm) and if you would like to sign up to become a member to receive more information regarding this developer's program.

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    thanks :-)

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