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    I'm using a Cisco VPN connection through DirecWay Satellite internet connection to get to the servers at my work where my Outlook e-mail lies.

    The problem is that business connect won't sync or dump my e-mails to my treo. When I hit the wireless sync button while away from my computer I get a message that appears that tells me that it cannot connect to my desktop.

    I know the Business Connect icon is green and working because I check it through WindHand Free.

    I've searched the threads for answers for a couple of weeks now and haven't really found much.

    I'm looking for any help out there!?

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    I'm using a Cisco VPN to get to my IMAP Outlook email servers at work too.

    I was able to get BizConnect configured on my office laptop. However, after a few weeks of sporadic connections, I went ahead and purchased a 1 yr. subscription to TreoMail and have been very happy with the results.

    Inbound & outbound mail works, and works consistently. My only problems now are the occasional disconnect from the server side.

    When that happens, I can see my laptop on my Treo using WinHand's VNC client and then I just reconnect to the server.

    With that said, are you sure you configured the client software, including SMTP and any user names/passwords correctly? I found I had to manually enter my corp. username & password into the BizConnect client to get it to work for me.

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    I believe I have. I've entered the windows user name and password as well as the server name for windows.

    I think I'll try the tremail solution to see what happens.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    OK, I've been lurking on this board for a while and this thread has induced me to register. I would like to use Sprint PCS and a Treo to wirelessly corporate email/calendar on an Exchange server. Our IT dept has decreed that outside server access will only be granted through VPN. They do not want people leaving their office PC's running 24/7 so BizConnect, Corsoft etc are not an option. I understand that, and anyway my work PC is a notebook which I carry with me much of the time.

    I know there are VPN clients for Palm devices (mergic, movian VPN) but I had read on Usenet that "real" VPN (IPsec and PPTP) doesn't work over the Sprint network because the data compression Sprint uses breaks the VPN protocol. So I was surprised to hear that people are doing this.

    crp you mentioned Cisco, is that a Cisco vpn client running on your Treo? Are you just using the regular TreoMail client, with nothing installed on the server side?

    Assuming a vpn connection can work on Sprint, are there any Palm email programs that can connect to an Exchange server via VPN and provide Outlook calendar functions as well as email?
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    Further to above, here's some comments from usenet:

    "In addition to the Proxy based image compression, Sprint is also
    compressing data packets on the PCS network. For most applications this is transparent but for VPN connections it breaks the protocol. With the PCS PCMCIA card there is an option to turn the compression off which I have had to do to get an IPsec connection working on a laptop. However on the Treo 300 device there is no option to disable compression. This has prevented me from using the two Palm VPN clients that I have been able to
    find (Movian IPsec and Mergic PPTP). A long painful call to Sprint TS
    confirmed this."

    I also note that Sprint is now making "managed VPN" services available with the data card plans. To protect this revenue stream it wouldn't surprise me that they would cripple VPN over the handheld Vision devices.


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