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    Originally posted by nrosser
    not an option for folks like me who need access to Exchange, and whose IT folks won't open POP access to their Exchange/Outlook account.
    I know Will is supposedly working on an Outlook connection, but it's not there.
    Point is that many folks want a Blackberry-like experience on their new 600. SnapperMail is not that.
    I've read in the beta documentation of Office 2003 that Exchange Server 2003 supports a HTTP connection between client and the server.
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    l like the snapper for its ability to open up and send more types of attachments and of any sjze . also its ability to connect to links provided in e mails is very usefull.l can easily use my fingers rather then a stylus to quickly read\edit my e mails. walt mosseburg of the wsj called it the best email app available. its the most used as well.
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    Sorry to hear your IT dept runs things so anti-customer. There is no reason not to open up POP access other than laziness or ignorance. Maybe you can get a biz sponsor to help cut the bs.
    (I ran global messaging for a 50,000 organization, and believe me, there is no valid reason not to allow POP).

    True, Exchange 2003 will do web services, but in the meantime, POP or IMAP works great.

    I use SM for corp and personal mail and it works great. Much more productive and faster response equals happy clients.
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    Originally posted by vitb9doc

    4. can,t read word and excel files.

    does snapper mail improve on this good system?

    Quickoffice Premier supports native Word/Excel Docs via Snappermail...
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    so Global Messaging man - tell me how to overcome the IT resistance. They are really obsessive about access and such. I'm sure they just don't know better - help me help them I would love to have POP access to my Outlook & not have to depend on a redirector like TreoMail. (but would my mailbox still be kept in sync? I would guess so...clue me in)
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    Maybe the IT department is reacting to corporate or security policies where all email storage is to be within the corp network. Or other weird things. Sometimes it's other reasons than just technical or laziness. Press further for an underlying reason, if there is none, then they are just lazy and want to do the all so typical IT department thing of remaining in control and being as difficult as possible.
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    there are a few things you can do: 1.) Get a business sponsor who can give the business reason why you need POP access. Then talk to the senior IT director or CIO/CTO, and get them to drive this.
    2) Know your security policy - forwarding email is a bigger security issue than having POP access. You are actually doing the corp a favor by using POP.
    3) Make sure they know how to set it up correctly - opening ports, making sure that outgoing SMTP requires authentication (so you don't become a spam relay), and SSL if needed).
    4) The main reason they are balking may be that they do not want to support users using POP because they see this as a burden. This is a fair argument if most users are email novices, but they could still provide 'unsupported' access. Make sure you understand how POP works before requesting it.

    Thats's just a few for now...if there is something more I can help with, let me know.
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