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    Hi everyone! I purchased a slightly used treo from a guy who got a P800 as a gift from his wife(lucky him I think!) The Problem I'm having is that Splashphoto is on there & there are several jpg's that are already on the phone that I can use with ringo but.....Ringo says Splashphoto doesn't exist. When I go into select a pic for the person my splashphoto pics aren't there. Any ideas? Thanks to one & all.
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    I'm not certain, but pretty sure that you need to have splash photo installed on your computer as well as your handheld. Just because it's on the handheld doesn't mean you'll have full functionality. Try downloading a copy and see if that will do the trick.
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    Yeah, I have the same problem, and am looking for answer. I can upload my photos onto splash and they are there, but then I can't see these photos in my ringo select photo section, just the default cartoon ones.

    Any help please?
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    If you are using a more recent version of splash photo... the photos are nolonger stored in a format usable by ringo. The new splashphoto stores them as actual JPGs from what I understand. You would have to use an older version of splashphoto for it to work. You could use handsprings image application... which can be found here

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