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    is it possible and if so what would be the best way to create a file that could be downloadable from a website and would load into the calender?

    specifically we were just issued school calendars for our children. in paper format. there are quite a few events, dates and times to remember.

    is there not a somewhat easy solution i could present to the school for palm users?
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    Datepak from Natara Software works awesome. I've used it for the exact same purpose.
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    zactly what we needed.
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    I just took a quick look at the Natara software and it certainly has some bells and whistles like the splash screen, but I'm surprised there's no free solution to this problem. I'm astonished that it doesn't look like you can import and export Datebook items using something like a csv file. It looks like you can do it with Contacts.

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