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    The bottom left button on my Treo 300 no longer toggles between the four different phone views - speed dial, key pad, contacts, call list.

    Repeated pressing of the button only redisplays the speed dial page.

    Anyone got any ideas about returning this to its normal behavior?

    Steven Smith
    Atlanta, GA
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    Most likely it's a mechanical problem. If under warranty, return it and get a new one. If post warranty you'll need to open it up and investigate.
    Handspring placed a blue foam pad under the keyboard PCB to give added support to the keypad switches. I'm not sure all have them as it might have been a running change in production. My original unit did not have one, my second one did and the keys provided better tactile feel and crisp "button press". Another theory is if the phone has been dropped, the plastic button and keypad switch may not be aligned anymore. just my 2 cents.
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    Have you installed any 3rd party apps which can reassign the hard buttons such as Buttons-T, TreoButton, or TakePhone? They can mess around with that function. Try uninstalling any of those and if it still doesn't work, back everything up and try a hard reset. If it doesn't work after that, then it's probably a mechanical problem.

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