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    I asked a couple of questions through the 'Contact Us' form on the HS Aus home page, and recieved the following reply:

    Hi David,

    Sorry no news as yet, all information will be posted via our web site,


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    ---- Handspring Australia - Support Form ----

    Just a quicky. When is the Treo 600 going to be available in Australia,
    and through whom? Also, what is the expected price of the product. Any
    more information on the Treo 600 would be great.

    Many thanks,


    Obviously, little info being released out here, but I was wandering who brightpoint are, given that the reply came from them?

    Anyway...thats all I am getting from down here.

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    my memory (from seeing their booth at a past wireless trade show) is that they're the sole distributor for the Handspring product line. Handspring sells em to Bpoint, and then they go out from there. You'd think that HAND would sell em right to Sprint, etc, but I don't think that's how it goes. Maybe.

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