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    Just purchased the treo 300. I found that I have to press two button (little blue button the menu button ) in the same time to get to the laucher. Is ther any way to press just one button? Thanks
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    There are also other ways to launch apps, that you might be interested in, if going to the launcher via two buttons bugs you.
    You may have heard of 'Switcheroo' - it allows you to assign apps to letters that are accessed via the keyboard. So - V for Verichat, H for Hackmaster, etc - the only downer is that to invoke Switcheroo takes two button presses - a single simultaneous combo press of the blue button and the space bar - that invokes Switcheroo - and then you press the designated app letter key. The good thing is that you can jump from one app to another this way, without having to go back to the home launcher.
    So - I'm in Blazer, browsing something, and I need to go to an app like Quicksheet - I hit blue/space, followed by Q, and I'm in Quicksheet.
    Might be worth a trial can find switcheroo on palmgear, handango - the usual places...
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    there's also buttons-t, which allows you to assign the action of pressing opt-<button>, as well as assigning an action to flipping the phone open and to pressing the rocker button. This in combination with the regular buttons preferences (buttons-t will show up in the prefs menu) gives you a fair amount of control.

    I switched the button/opt-button actions for the datebook (so that the datebook button brings up the apps, and opt-datebook brings up datebook. Setting the flip to <none> is nice - it ensures that the last app running is active when you open the phone (instead of bringing up the phone app).

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    I like TreoButton. I lets you reassign all four hard keys, then assign them when pressed along with the option key, and also when pressed with the shift key. You can also assign what app will be launched when you open the flip or press the rocker.
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    Thanks. I just reassign the blazer key to Lanuch the Apps.

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