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    I bought my Treo 300 with Best Buy (with insurance) sometime back in Feb. 2003. By month of April or May they stopped selling Handspring products.

    Now since Handspring has become part of PALM, wondering whether Best Buy has any plans of selling Treo 600 ? Any news that you folks heard off...
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    My local Best Buy in Milwaukee said that they were no longer going to carry any Palm-based phones in the future. They had already pulled all Palm-based phones out of the store displays. It looks as though we'll need to get our phones from somewhere else/

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    My local Best Buy is an authorized Sprint dealer and I'm betting they will have the Treo 600. But as for the GSM model I couldn't say...
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    All I know is that I hope to get my Treo 600 from somewhere that offers a good extended warranty or performance plan like Best Buy. I'm hoping at least CompUSA will sell it.

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