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  • Yes, my Treo crashes with SMS frequently

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  • No, I get lots of SMS but my Treo handles them fine

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  • Dunno, I don't get a lot of SMS messages

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    Just wondering if any of the phone gurus out there
    have any idea of whether the Treo 600 will handle SMS

    I get a lot of SMS messages a month (500+), and
    the Treo 180 that I have with the GPRS software is
    totally crash-a-holic.
    The Treo 180 is basically unusable for high volume SMS
    Ever see, "Event queue full:", "Crash" ,etc...?

    Any thoughts on the robustness of the 600 is

    Cameron Elliott
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    I've never had that problem on my Treo 270. I can't speak for the Treo 600.

    Are you holding on to 500+ SMS messages or deleting them as you go? or is it crashing simply because of the volume of deliveries in a particular timeframe?

    If you're keeping that many SMS messages stored on your Treo, I don't know if perhaps that is a limitation in the software or not. I know that the SMS application sometimes exibits strange behavior if an SMS is left unread in the Inbox, but I've never had my Treo crash or give the error you mentioned.
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    I get crashes when I'm actually typing an SMS - maybe 4x a month. I try not to hang on to too many SMS's - about 20-30.

    Also had HotSync crash while backing up the SMS database. Apparently it was a corrupt SMS DB.
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    Never had that problem on my 270 - but I purge the list every week or so.
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    Originally posted by michaelcpowell
    Never had that problem on my 270 - but I purge the list every week or so.
    I keep mine for about a month (have over 300 right now), and haven't had my 270 crash.
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    My house has almost non-existent coverage, so I turn my 270 off when I'm home. At some point my 270 used to crash every morning when I left home and turned it on as it dealt finding service and reciving 4 or 5 messages at the same time. I had not deleted ANY prior messages--had hundreds of them. After purging all but a month's worth of messages, the problem didn't happen again.

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