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    So far, RealNetworks states that the RealOne player is currently available for:

    * Tungsten T
    * Zire 71
    * Tungsten C

    Hopefully, the T600 will be eventually be included. Just in case, I sent an e-mail inquiry to them via the Website:

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    The question is, does it support live streaming audio/radio. I doubt it.
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    As of right now, the only player we know that is currently compatible is Pocket Tunes

    This is the program that is rumored to be included with the Treo, though no one is positive if that's only with certain carriers or not (see the discussion on the MP3 thread )

    Another option would be Aeroplayer, which currently is not yet compatible (but I doubt will stay that way for long). You'd have to buy it though.... it's not freeware.
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    You can get Pocket Tunes for free if you register your Treo 600.
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    but you will need to upgrade to the deluxe version to get the shoutcast streams. I use it all the time !!!

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