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    I noticed a problem develop with my phone today, the flip lid speaker has quit working, it has a loose connection or broken wire, If i close the lid and open is slowly i can hear the speaker working but once open more than half way it cuts out.. What should i do. Its only 4 months old

    1. try and get sprint/handspring to warranty a new unit.
    2. can i open this unit and possable fix it.
    3. live with it and hope there is an exchange program for a 600?

    what else can be done?
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    I would invoke the 1 yr warranty and ask for a new one from HS. Likely you'll get a refurbished one, but that's better than one that you can't hear! I don't think you will be able to get a 600 for it for a long time. And the exchange program will work fine with your replacement, if you choose to go that way.
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    That's wierd because my 270 developed the same problem on the same day. I'm starting to think some of these parts had a maximum lifetime built in to them because I also had other problems develop after the 1 yr warranty expired. The headset still works though. My 1 yr warranty is gone so I think I'm going to try to wait for the 600. How much does a repair cost? Does it include everything?
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    I got it to work again based on another post on the site. The problem happened from plugging and unplugging the headset. Here is the procedure I used:

    1) Plug the headset in and make a call.
    2) Once the phone starts ringing pull the headset out.
    3) The fliplid will still have no sound in it yet.
    4) Push the speakerphone icon on the screen and sound will begin coming out of the fliplid again.
    5) Push the Cancel Speakphone icon and sound returns to normal on the fliplid.

    Everything is normal again on my unit now - at least for the time being.
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    In my case, the same symptoms were caused by a broken wire that goes through the hinge. See a recent thread posted under my user name. My 1-year warranty is over, so I fixed it myself. Yes, it happened just a few weeks after my Treo's warranty was over...
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    If you bought it from Sprint, go back to your local store and ask for a replacement unit. I had the same thing happen to me, went to the local store, and walked out with a replacement in less than 10 min.
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    You mean that they are accepting to exchange the units even when they are not covered anymore by contractual warranty? I mean, I've not signed to any replacement or extended warranty plan, I only had the standard 1-year hardware warranty, which has expired by now.
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    Handspring does not do repairs for Treo 300 sadly. Once you are past your 1 year warranty, you are out of luck. It seems like Sprint should have a repair program for its handsets which are older than a year but they would rather you got a new or upgraded handset. I recommend you go get a Treo 600 in the next few weeks.
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    As I thought...
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    I had the lid speaker problem too, and was unable to fix it using the plug/unplug the earpiece solution. It started after about 5 months of moderate daily usage, and progressively got worse until it quit working altogether after the sixth month. I took it to a local Sprint store (I had purchased through Amazon), and they repeated the problem, and gave me a replacement (refurb) on the spot. I will be moving to the Treo 600 before my one year warranty is up in February!

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