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    What's your favorite launcher these days? I used silverscreen for quite a while, but have recently been playing around with Z Launcher. I like the themes and backgrounds quite a lot on it, but find customization difficult and it's a bit slow.

    Anyone find anything else they like out there? Any other launcher feedback?
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    I'm still using the free Launcher III... it suits my monochrome Visor well. If I get a color device (soon hopefully) I will definitely look at other launchers.
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    Launcher III? Dang, I'm still on Launcher II... Well since my Palm decided to have the usual digitizer problems, I hadn't used it much. very happy to have upgraded to the Treo recently. Guess it's time to update all my apps now...
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    I'm using the free LIII on my Treo 270. I had a 180 until about a month ago. The color is nice to have. There may be nicer looking launchers out there, but LIII does the trick for me, and the price is right.
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    Is themed and best of all you can beam stuff from springboard modules straight from megalauncher with it. Silverscreen can't do that.
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    how is the speed? my biggest complaint with zlauncher is it's slow. Any of them significantly faster?

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