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    Is it possible to turn the build in spell-checker off?

    When I type an SMS with my Treo 270 I can't type the Dutch word wel because it autochanges into we'll. I hate that, I have to put the cursor between the l's and hit delete twice. Extremely annoying because it is an inevitable word in my language (it affirms).
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    No, you can't turn it off, but there's an easier way to deal with "wel." After you type "wel" and the Treo changes it to "we'll," press backspace two times. You'll see it remove the apostrophe. Then you can type a space and it will leave the word "wel" alone.

    Goed? Ik hoop dat dat helpt.

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    Bedankt! It works. But still I think it can be considered as a defect and not a feature...
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    Only a defect if you type in languages other than English. I use several and have to adjust regularly. I wonder if localized versions of the 600 will contain this "feature."

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    What I don't like is when your texting and you type "u" & it becomes "you". Is there anyway around that?

    Thanks, Justin
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    Hey, all you have to do is download PowerDict. It's a tiny, free app that let's you delete, edit, and add your own auto-texts. Enjoy.

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