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    The New Palm OS 6
    The Next Generation

    Forget the 320x320 screen... THIS may be the best reason to wait for the second wave of Treo 600s...

    According to new statements out of PalmSource, Palm OS 6 will be released to licensees before the end of late 2003. The new version will focus on wireless technology standards, security and multimedia.

    PalmSource CEO David Nagel commented at the PalmSource Developer Conference, "The operating system (Palm OS 6) was designed nearly from the ground up for wireless capabilities, with a focus on security for wireless data transfers."

    "In previous talks about the upcoming OS Nagel stressed that Palm OS 6 will focus on next generation communications and frameworks for new and upcoming technologies. Specifically, scalable communications, more robust security features, a new multimedia framework with a scalable graphics engine, interchangeable I/O features (such as the ability to incorporate many different methods of data input) and a new messaging framework.

    Developers will also be able to write fully ARM native applications. With OS 5 developers have had to use armlet's, or snippets of ARM code, to speed up applications to take advantage of ARM processors. OS 6 will also include Multi-processing/threading features, web services (XML/SOAP), a reference Java VM and the PalmSource proxy-less web browser."
    With wireless and security issues being two of my top concerns, it just might make OS 6 worth the wait. I can't imagine that a pa1mOne Treo 600 running OS 6 is too far off in the future. Does anyone know if the OS 5.2 will be upgradeable? If not, I will have to seriously consider waiting, agonizing as it may be.

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    I've read (forgot where, probably PIC), that OS 5 will be upgradeable to OS 6.

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    It really all depends on if the Treo600's Rom is flashable and the amount needed for such an upgrade. I personally dont' think Handspring/PalmOne will ever offer such an upgrade considering the complexicities and customization involved with various wireless providers...

    Also, it's been rumored that the 4 MB Flash Rom of the T|T is large enought for an OS 6 upgrade. If true, this could give an idea of the minimum Flash required for such an upgrade. But none of these rumors have been confirmed...
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    To me, it always seems like the Palm OS on cell phone always runs about a year behind the standard non-cell phone palm devices (maybe has to do with the carriers like gfunkmagic suggested). So, if you're willing to wait a year, go ahead and wait. But by that time, OS 7 will be out and you'll decide to wait for that too.
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    OS6 is going to have two very large differences over OS5, such that I don't expect to see many apps initially available that take -full- advantage of it until maybe 6 months to a year after OS6 devices are available to the public. It will be so powerful that developers won't know what to do with it, aside from streamline their existing applications. The real innovations will come after developers become familiar with how end users expect to use OS6, and that can only happen after end uses -have- used OS6 devices for a while, and provide feedback.

    So I would say, don't hold your breath for OS6. It will show up, that's for sure, and it will be super cool, but apps that harness its potential won't really be realized immediately, as developers scramble to figure out innovative ways to exploit its power. I would defer purchasing an OS6 device until there are a few really good OS6-optimized apps that make it worth the purchase price. Unless you're a techno-junkie!

    The two large differences I've heard rumors of are:

    1) OS6 introduces schema-based PDBs, which should enable developers to work with relational databases much easier. The end user can expect to see very robust search and data queries available as a result of schemas. Also, I predict less-expensive enterprise-level applications, since the necessity of a 3rd-party solution like Sybase or Oracle is mitigated with built-in DB schemas. Adding a Sybase/Oracle RDBMS often entails a $20-40 license cost, per unit.

    2) Multi-processing. The OS is finally able to spawn multiple processes. Protected virtual memory space prevents one crashed/frozen task from bringing down the whole OS as was the case in Windows 3.1. To the end user, this ultimately means an extremely responsive user interface experience. Tasks such as sorting lists, and retrieving / filtering / virus-scanning incoming emails, rendering web pages, etc may be relegated to background processes. This also permits an OS6 device easily to act as a server, simply spawning new processes to handle asynchronous client requests. I expect this server potiential, combined with wireless networking like Bluetooth, to yield some very interesting applications, as well as to open up the floodgates to some very annoying advertising/virus problems.

    Giant steps!

    -Jeff Ishaq
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    Yeah, I guess you guys are right. I didn't really want to wait anyway! But I DO hope that the OS on the Treo 600 is upgradeable. Palm OS 6 sounds pretty amazing! We'll see what happens...


    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    Originally posted by jishaq

    ....2) Multi-processing. The OS is finally able to spawn multiple processes. Protected virtual memory space prevents one crashed/frozen task from bringing down the whole OS as was the case in Windows 3.1. ....

    -This also permits an OS6 device easily to act as a server-

    What's crazy... is you're talking about PalmOS. I remember my USR Pilot, and you're talking server. It's amazing to me the power, features and possibilities .. actually kind of scary.

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