I have had lots of trouble trying to use epocrates (a drug database app) with my treo 270, my mac powerbook, osx, and versions of Palm Desktop 4.0 for treo/mac and even the later 4.1 for mac, especially when trying to sync large pdb files (results in loss of USB connection and corruption of epocrates app.) I am told this is because of HS's version of the USB connection protocols (or some such), and I am still waiting for Handspring's version of Palm Desktop 4.1 for mac users, which may correct the problem. Anyone know if the new treo 600 wil solve this problem (by virtue of the newer Palm OS, or different USB sync protocols, etc), or will mac users still have to wait for HS to come out with a HS version of Palm Desktop 4.1 in order to resolve this issue?