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    Originally posted by yeah yeah

    i know what it is. but didnt know they had one on the treo. how does it run? can it do gba games too?
    It's not specifically for the Treo, it was designed for the Palm OS in general. You can check it out here:

    It's on the slow side on the Treo 300 but it works. I'm waiting for the Treo 600 because I'm sure it will perform better. I've only seen regular Gameboy ROM's for it, so I don't know if GBA games will work. Some of the games can be pretty big. I believe Zelda is around 1 mb.
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    ehrr, treo processor is not fast enough to emulate GBA. If treo 600 uses some 4-500mHz ARM, then it might be able to emulate GBA. But then again OS 5.0 is so limited, I doubt it will ever happen even in things like T|C.

    GPA emulators in PPC right now is 'good enough picture only' speed, which mean it wil take another year for somebody to pull the same quality on Palm, if ever.
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