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    Hello George,

    Mapopolis has already stated they will be releasing a voice navigation software for their Palm OS software however it is not finished. We have used their voice navigation software for Pocket PC handhelds and it works very well. We chose Mapopolis because of their abilities to develop and deliver strong software solutions. We are confident they will have a solution in the very near future. Please visit their web site if you have additional questions.

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    How is the map going to fit in treo 600?
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    Purple, I expected better from you. Go to any store that sells handheld GPS' and you'll see that 32 mb is standard. I use a Magellan and have all of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Costa Rica (don't ask) saved on mine with 2 mb's left! How is it going to fit. Good one Beavis.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    How is the map going to fit in treo 600?
    what does it matter? are you going to purchase this software when you can't see the screen because your outside? gps works great on the treo if you stay inside. make sense? we have the cart before the horse here. fix the screen for daylight viewing then talk to me!
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    I did nto get a chance to look at mapopolis' site to c it they have one feauture in particular I am looking 4.

    here it is: does this software allow u to get walking directions and things to do in an area. 4 example, I am going to Las Vegas soon, will it have walking tour and list resturants, gas stations, things to do etc.? take care, jay

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