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    I have a sense of humor too. but then again most nerds don't!! ;-)
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    Camera, MP3, Palm games, one single unit

    Is it not for fun, for what?
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    I cant say how much I appreciate your thoughts treoneo, I didnt realize I was a "nerd", with a "branch" in my "arse".

    I guess I thought this forum was a spot to glean valuable information about new products, not an environment filled with bathroom wall humor.

    I will restrict my views and comments to other more professional sites, as well as my attention and time.

    By allowing this type of comment, I feel this forum has crossed my line of tolerance and professionalism.

    Respectfully submitted,

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    I agree!

    Jeff clearly does have something up his arse!

    Lighten up folks. If you want to avoid fun, stop reading boards and get back to work!

    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Does everything have to turn into an argument or insulting someone here?

    This site really has gone WAY downhill in recent months. I don't look forward to reading posts here any longer because they turn into **** like this one, or people have to insult others (as some to be on a personal vendetta against other people on the forums - this isnt the place for that, take it to email/msgs!!).

    People need to grow up and stop nitpicking, insulting and arguing with each other over meaningless things!!
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    There is too much fighting here. Thread closed.
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