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    I think it's looking more and more like Verizon is not going to carry the Treo 600 (from reading different posts on this forum). Yes, I know that the CDMA Treo is dual banded and will work on Verizon, and that one could buy the Treo and bring it in to Verizon to be activated. I'm sure this would work just fine for voice. But I'm not so sure about DATA. Verizon uses a totally different system than Sprint's Vision. Verizon has QNC (Quick Net Connect), a slower 14.4 Kbs connection, and EN (Express Network) that has speeds about half that of Sprint's Vision. Both of these have to be set up differently. I'm wondering if the Treo will even be capable of this?
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    cant answer your data question, but this is an email i got from customer support:

    Dear Felipe,

    Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website.

    We appreciate your inquiry into the latest technology in wireless phones. At this time, Verizon Wireless does not carry the (insert specified model) in our inventory. We currently have many wireless
    products and services in testing, and offer these items only when it has been determined that they meet our rigorous quality control requirements. Since we cannot always predict when this will
    happen, we would be unable to provide specific release dates.

    We suggest periodically visiting to view the latest additions to our product line. To view currently offered equipment, please choose the "Products" icon located at the top of
    our home page and then choose "Phones" from the drop-down menu.

    As part of our Worry Free Guarantee your satisfaction is guaranteed on any equipment you purchase from us. Please write to us again through if you have any further questions.


    Verizon Wireless Customer Service

    "We never stop working for you!"

    The above response is subject to the terms of your Service Agreement
    and calling plan, which apply to all lines on your account. Please
    read those materials for full details. Our liability is limited. In
    the event of a conflict between this response and the terms of your
    Service Agreement and calling plan, the terms of your Service Agreement
    and calling plan will govern. Verizon Wireless's calling plans, rate
    areas, rates, agreement provisions, business practices, procedures and
    policies are subject to change as specified in the Service Agreement.

    Original Message Follows:
    A customer inquiry was posted to our website on Fri Aug 29 18:39:42 PDT 2003

    Customer Info:

    Market Id: New York Metro

    Zip Code: XXXXXX

    Name: Felipe Garcia

    Preferred Contact Method:

    Email: XXXXXXXXX

    Phone Number: XXXXXXXX

    FAX Number:

    Primary Subject: I would like information on another topic

    Secondary Subject: Other

    User Comments: I am currently a T-mo customer. I am looking for a carrier that will carry the treo 600 from handspring.

    So, will verizon carry/offer the treo 600 from handspring?
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    Did they really not insert "Treo 600" in the specified place?
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    Iíve been wondering the same thing. Voice should work on Verizon without a hitch, so the real questions are:

    1) will high speed data (Express Network) provision and work properly? If it wonít provision, but the settings are input manually to the T600, will it connect and operate?

    2) will sending SMS be possible? If the software is built specifically for Sprint, a send-capable SMS client may not be included.

    As far as EN being slower than Sprintís Vision, the Verizon website says: ďExpress Network is capable of data speeds bursting up to 144 kbps, delivering average speeds up to 40 to 60 kbps. You may experience slower data speeds.Ē That sounds very similar Sprint, it may be a 1xRTT standard, which bodes well for activating a Treo.

    Verizonís own content (games, ringtones, etc.) definitely will _not_ work on a Treo unless special software is included, but this isnít so terrible for a Palm-based phone.

    Just for fun, I went to the Verizon website using a relativeís phone account, selected the online Change Phone option and entered my (single band) Treo 300s ESN. The system took it without complaint. Granted, my relative doesnít have data service, so the system may not have been too picky, but it means that we could have a definitive answer to the Verizon question within hours of the first Sprint T600 shipping.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Did they really not insert "Treo 600" in the specified place?
    yes. i laughed at that. geez.

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