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    At first I wasn't too keen on the new treo600, because I don't really need more memory or a camera on my phone. I like the revised form factor a lot, but I'm going to have replace my pocketop wireless keyboard with a Targus, buy a new case, etc. etc.

    So my question is this: what are the advantages to Palm OS 5.2 over the OS on the Treo 300? It seems like OS 3.5 is buggy as hell, every 3 months or so my Treo becomes reset happy and I have to reinstall everything for no apparent reason. When I used a Tungsten C recently I was blown away by the clean user interface. So refined and simple!

    Is there anyone with an actual list of the advantages to Palm OS 5 on Treo 600 or who knows just what will be better about the Treo experience if I upgrade to the 600?
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    OS 5 will provide improved speed, and probably better stability, provided you use apps that are compatible with it. The OS allows for a faster processor and will open up new possibilities like voice recording, video, etc, that are either impossible or not well implemented on the current crop.
    And if you lose your data a lot, the addition of the SD slot will allow you to restore from a card anytime, anywhere.

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