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    While I've read a variety of descriptions of the mail system(s) that will run on the 600, I still can't tell how the system will compare with the 300 versus a Blackberry. I've used both and in both cases use a desktop redirector (Treomail with the 300). While I prefer the Treo over the Blackberry for a variety of reasons, the Blackberry's mail is superior because it pushes mail down consistently and reliably, unlike the Treo. Anyone know for sure how the Treo 600 will differ from the 300 in this regard?
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    You can get push mail options now for the 300 if you want - the device is not relevant (although the 600 is having many more options being associated with it than had the 300). So - you can get a server solution for the Treo now that will work just like Blackberry, with no desktop redirector - there are a bunch of 'em - Visto (who makes TreoMail) has a server version, and there are many more.
    I just think that we'll have more options being marketed with and associated to the 600 (even tho you can get some server push solutions now, if your IT folks are willing to install them).
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    I believe the way these products work on the Treo is different than the push model on the Blackberry (with or without a redirector). On my blackberry, email comes down stream on its own without any visible polling. I could received an email and another one 2 minutes later. It happens in the background, doesn't need to visibly "establish a connection" and almost never fails. Are you saying one can do this now on the Treo 300? On my Treo I use the redirector (which is fine) and have the Treo fetch mail every 15 minutes (most frequent rate). Each fetch takes at least 1-2 minutes and seriously drains the battery if you let it do this all day. This is very different from the blackberry. I am not familiar with Visto, does it really work like a blackberry??
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    Well, I think the key is the network, but others who are more knowledagble than me - kramsauer, are you listening, mr BlackBerry man - will chime in.

    I am fairly sure that the enterprise version of Visto can push, but you'd need to check the site. I think the main reason that both the server and redirector version of BB can push is due to their delivery network - essentially the Mobitex paging network. That gives some kind of delivery efficiencies that I think the cell network don't yet have, but I might be wrong. I also think Good uses Mobitex at the present, although they're making noise about using other networks as well.
    Come to think of it - how do the newer converged Blackberries work - the ones with cell phone built in? Like the AT&T ones and the VZW ones? Does the push stuff still work as before with those carriers' networks? Do they split the data delivery from the cell talk? I wouldn't think so, but I have never used one. My company uses Blackberry (all but me), but they're all on the old paging stuff.
    Maybe some other folks will have a clue...

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