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    Hello all. 2 days ago I "upgraded" my internal radio software using the handspring website because I was having problems with both dropped calls and internet. Big Mistake. If it is possible my service is even worse. My biggest problem is I can no longer access hotmail. It is telling me that I have a problem with my "premium services". Is anyone else having a problem accessing hotmail?? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Prior to my upgrading the software hotmail was working so well all I had to was click on my shortcut and it would bring me directly to my again for any help.
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    Nevermind...I solved my own problem. Apparently MSN now requires you to register with MSN mobile as well. The update still stinks however............
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    I posted about this in the General Chat forum...

    I thought I had registered with msn mobile a long time ago...I will try to do so again and then report back on my success or lack thereof...
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    Originally posted by keithmeyer
    Nevermind...I solved my own problem. Apparently MSN now requires you to register with MSN mobile as well. The update still stinks however............
    Well I registered on msn mobile, but am still having problems logging on. Did I miss something here? Very strange...
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    Is your phone setup in the pref on the mobile MSN account?
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    For those of you having problems accessing hotmail. Go to on your desktop computer. Halfway down the page you will see a link for Hotmail. Click on it. Then click on "Join Now" and follow the instructions. Even if you have a passport account you still have to register with this new service in order to access hotmail again. The cool part is they have bypassed the frustrating multi-step sign in process. Now one click will bring you to your inbox on your treo. Pretty cool.

    Dont forget to follow all of the instructions when you register including your phone number or else the registration will not work..
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    Well after registering from the site, and giving microsoft my cell # (to which they sent an SMS with a passcode necessary to complete registration), I was able to access Hotmail on my Treo...

    Keith, what do you mean by the multi-step signin process? I still have to click a Continue button (becaseu my broswer has scripting disabled), then enter my password (email addy is remembered from a cookie) and click Sign In, and then i get taken to my inbox. Same way it's always worked for me...

    My question now is, who is Microsoft trying to get that $20 from? Who would need to/want to purchase that premium service?
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    hmmmm thats interesting. I have been able to sign in to my hotmail inbox for about a month now as a one click process, even before I upgraded my internal radio software. It must have something to do with cookies because when I look at the web address for hotmail now under my shortcut it is no longer is quite a bit longer with an address that allows direct access to my inbox without signing in.

    Try checking your Blazer preferences to make sure you have cookies enabled. Also when you sign in to hotmail check the marker to "remember me". I asked a friend who also uses treo and hotmail and he confirms that he can directly access his inbox as well so it must be something on your settings. You can see what your actual hotmail address is if you go to your shortcut window on your browser, click on edit and then on hotmail.

    I dont know who would purchase the $20 premium service. When this happened to me last week I was sure I would have to pay to be able to access hotmail from a handheld again.....I am sure it will come soon. If i had to pay for it I probably would, and so would many others.

    Hope this helps.
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    My bookmark is for the address

    I will check the "Sign me in automatically" box...I have not tried that in a few months, I remember it not doing anything, but from your words it sounds like that option works now.

    Yup, straight to my inbox, no typing necessary...great! Thanks! My bookmark is still the same though.

    I too suspect that we'll soon be asked to pay for access via handheld. But if that comes, it will be the final reason I need to ditch hotmail forever...

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