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    How can I tell if my 180 is locked. I bought it with T-Mo service. I didn't think it was locked since my friends SIM from Hong Kong worked in it.

    I tried a few Cingular SIMs (since their coverage is supposed to be much better than T-Mo in my area) but to no avail. I've tried 3 SIMs from Cingular...none worked for phone service (the Treo just kept searching for a network) but I was able to get an SMS on the Cingular SIM while it was searching for the network.

    Any ideas?
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    If it's locked, there will be a pop-up message saying that the SIM cannot be used with this phone. I think you have another problem.

    Try either the radio reset app, find it at the Handspring support site, or do the GPRS upgrade from Cingular.

    Here in Canada I had the same problem. My Treo worked on Fido no problem, when I put a Rogers SIM in it, it would endlessly search for the network. I did the Rogers version of the GPRS upgrade, and it worked fine.

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