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    Took my Treo 300 on a business trip to Tallahassee the other day. Fully charged before I left and then charged at the hotel. Took it off the charger to just use Big Clock as my alarm. Signal near the bed was very weak, and the Treo actually shut down and then re-tried. Anyway...unit got very hot...and completely died (before I knew it) while just sitting on the nightstand. Lost all the data...everything.
    Fortunately, I had my laptop and was able to at least re-sync the stuff that was backed-up. Fully charged the unit...and the next night put it on the nightstand again...and watched as the same thing happened. I shut the wireless section down...and stopped the fast drain.
    I was not using data at any time, nor trying to connect to the data network.

    Well, couple this with the cracking right hinge on both my phone and my wife's (we both use headsets about 99% of the time) and the miserably short talk/data battery life and I just don't think I can trust the Treo any longer.

    It was a very nice upgrade in many ways from the Kyo 6035, but at least with the Kyo...I could depend on more than an hour or so of use...and never once, did the the battery drain in like 15 minutes to dead.

    I can understand the battery life is what it is...a trade off against size and weight...but what they advertise and what is reality isn't even close. Has anyone ever gotten 2.5 hours of talk time?

    I can understand early units having a hinge design problem...we're all human and make mistakes. But we bought our units just a couple of months ago...and it appears that HS never bothered to change the design.

    I can understand the Turbo Drain problem making it through testing, but it appears that it has been around and reported since the beginning...and not only won't HS really acknowledge the issue...they haven't fixed it.

    I'm not sure I can trust that the 600 will be any better made. Neat design, but once it going to be poor implementation?

    I think I'm going to look at the Samsung and some of the other models.

    I know there are some HS zealots out there that will either ignore or flame me...but perhaps some of the others out there that don't become romantically attached to any one brand may have some suggestions. I love gadgets and technology...been playing with computers since my Sinclair and C64 and PDA since the Olivetti M100 (Tandy 100) and Newton (had them all).

    So...if you were going to chuck your Treo...what PDA/Phone device would you go for?

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    Well if you're going to stay with sprint, Ild recommend the sph-i500. That's a nifty little phone and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $have$ $been$ $no$ $battery$ $drain$ $problems$ $similar$ $to$ $the$ $Treo$... $Otherwise$ $besdes$ $the$ $upcoming$ $Treo600$, $I$ $think$ $the$ $7135$ $is$ $probably$ $the$ $best$ $overall$ $palmos$ $smartphone$ $out$ $there$ $b$/$c$ $of$ $expansion$ $etc$. $Too$ $bad$ $the$ $data$ $plans$ $on$ $Verizon$ $suck$ $so$ $bad$.
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    I think you're right..about the Samsung. There aren't a lot of great Smartphone choices out there. It seems like they all miss the mark in one way or another. My guess is everyone is rushing stuff to market, and trying to make price points rather than make a great device. Of course, that price point is important...if Apple had figured out how to sell the Newton for around $300 rather than $1,000 there may not be a Palm today.

    I also looked at some of the PPC phones and they're just way too big and heavy.

    Also, I don't get the infatuation with having a bad digital camera attached to the phone. I could understand a video phone...but taking low-res snapshots? They could just pull that feature and save the weight.

    Anyway, I'm just a curmudgeon I guess.
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    Well, lucky to say I haven't had the RBOD yet, though I've gotten very used to charging a lot more than with my Kyo 6035 which seemed to last forever. And I treat the phone as if it were a child after reading all these horror stories.
    I do have a problem of a different sort. Does anybody else with the T300 use the AOL for Palm program and have this problem? When I sign on, it dials in, connects and then for 3 minutes it updates and comes up with an error message: Cannot create number database. When I click ok, it then goes to my mail.
    I've talked to AOL 3 times in 2 months, last time they even credited me one month of AOL service! They are aware of the problem. The last guy I spoke with said this was a known issue on the 300 and the Tungsten. They fixed the Tungsten, but I guess they have no plans to fix it on the 300 as it's gonna be an antique soon.
    So, with all the 300 problems, and don't get me wrong, I really like the idea of the 600 more than the expensive with no extras I500, it makes me wonder what kind of problems that phone is going to have?
    And, I really don't care about a phone camera. I think I'll hold instead of being the first kid on the block to own it!
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    I understand you pain w/the 300. I've had 4 phones since march. One cracked hinge, one turbo drain, one wierd one where the screen went blank everytime i made a call, and the latest, which wouldn't accept any info from hotsync. I enjoy the idea of a small phone/pda w/a keyboard, but the product is poor.
    I've talked and argued w/sprint, they eventually offered me a samsung sgh-i500 for 100 bucks if i return to them my treo. I agreed. Now i have to see if it will ever get off back order, something sprint didn't have the forsight of knowing before they offered me a new phone. I don't know if it will be as novel as the 300, but novelty is useless. I need functionality.
    I've had multiple samsung phones since i began using sprint in 1998, all have been excellent, reliable phones. Hopefully, this latest addition to the Samsung family will continue in the family tradition.
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    My choices are few as I only view devices with thumbpads as credible replacements. I'd like to see a T|C++ with bluetooth and wifi. I could live with a t-mo bluetooth phone, but am baffled why cdma carriers can't produce one.

    So far I haven't experienced the lid/rbod/etc problems so I'll stick with the t300 for now.
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    I understand. 3rd phone. This one will not pick up signal in my house. The first one did and worked fine for 8 months. Even though I babied hinge, it developed a short. 2nd phone---no service and lost of a row of horizontal and vertifcal pixels. Will take this one back as soon as I have time. phones 2 and 3 had battery drain problem.

    I am hoping for 600 to be right when out. AM I a dreamer or what?
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    I was tired of the flip cover anyway, so when my hinge cracked I just completely ripped off the flip cover and threw it away.

    I kept the speaker and set it up so it still works. You may want to try this - it was fun and I like the way the Treo works much more now. One caveat- speakerphone/ringer aren't as loud once removed from the flip cover.

    Here's how I did it:

    I very carefully cut and pulled apart the flip cover to expose the wires and speaker.

    I kept the two little end caps that fit on the ends of the horizontal bar, just above the screen, that is the axis for the flip cover.

    I stuffed the excess wire inside the hole on the left end of the horizontal bar.

    I crazy glued the speaker to the top of the Treo, just forward of the mute switch, which is now half covered but still accessible enough to work.

    To talk on the phone, I just hold the Treo with the newly-positioned speaker right at my ear.

    I lose the functionality associated with opening and closing the cover (a way to hang up, jump to speed dial, etc.) but what I gain is the convenience of being able to directly access the screen without the flipping cover getting in my way.

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