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    Spoke to my company's Verizon sales rep today. He said that he spoke to his QA guy and that Verizon is not testing the 600 nor does it have plans to in the near future.

    I for one am very disappointed. No one has a more boring selection of phones, and a more limited selection of Smart phones than Verizon.

    Maybe time to switch providers...

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    I would have killed to be able to get my hands on the Kyocera 7135 when it came out. I probably still would if Verizon was an option for me. Like so many others I badgered Sprint to get it to no avail. Granted, no thumboard. But the phone rocks in every other way!

    Maybe things aren't so bad for you...
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    I hear that Verizon's data network is really shallow. Perhaps they dont want to deal with people asking why that can't "text each other now?"
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    Iíve also been unhappy with Sprint, and disappointed by the lack of Verizon support for the Treo series, and have been looking into whether the dual-band T600 could be unofficially activated on Verizon. The consensus now is that the phone part should work fine, but data is still questionable.

    However, I realized something today that put this all in a new light: Supported or not, the T600 will definitely roam on Verizon. If you look at Verizonís Express Network coverage map, itís basically the same size and has the same footprint as Sprintís network, and their unlimited data plan costs almost $80 (voice is also more expensive). Since Sprintís network is fine where it exists, the only advantage Verizon enjoys is voice coverage is many areas where Sprint has no signal (since Verizon generally doesnít have data service in these areas either). Sprint has roaming add-ons available where $10 buys you 50 roaming minutes. You could buy up to 300 roaming minutes a month (in addition to whatever non-roaming minutes your plan has) and still pay less that just signing up with Verizon. Youíd effectively get the full benefit of Verizonís more extensive network, but still pay a lot less, and have unlimited data in basically the same places. Of course, if like me you donít roam that often, you could buy fewer roaming minutes, or even none at all and just pay the pre minute charge, and come out even further ahead.

    I guess this works best for people like me who live in cities with decent Sprint service, and mainly want Verizon for trips, or for the occasional dead spot near home. If you live in a Sprint fringe area and would be roaming constantly, this probably doesnít make sense. Also, if what youíre trying to get away from is Sprintís lousy customer service, this wonít really help you.
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    I read today that Verizon is aggresively structuring their data LTE network for implementation in 2010, and it is not compatible with the current CCMA phones like the Palm Pre and current Verizon phones. Does this mean that Sprint's data roaming area will be drastically reduced in 2010 and hungry data phones like the Palm Pre will be limited to non-Verizon CDMA regions for roaming? I think the voice roaming in Verizon regions will still be available, which is important, but I would like some clarification on the coverage maps for the near future.

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