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    I'm on my second Treo 180g and like many on this group, have developed near fatal problems with it.

    After a number of days of failing to connect to the network, I took Handspring's website's advice and decided to install the Radio Reset application on my device. But then, they advised me to upgrade my OS to a GPRS-enabled one. Since nothing was working anyway, I had nothing to lose and upgraded to GPRS-enabled and installed the Radio-Reset.

    results? I connect to the network and can make outgoing phone calls for 10-15 minutes before the device freezes. A soft reset is necessary.

    However, during that 10-15 minute window, the ringer only rings for incoming calls if the screen is being displayed (i.e. if the lid is flipped open or if I have pressed the phone button to display while the lid is down). So, for all intents and purposes, the phone no longer tells me that someone wishes to speak to me.

    As well as this, the Treo fails to connect to the Data services offered by my phone service provider (Cingular Wireless) - failing with an error code 0x0023.

    So, 2 questions for you all

    1. Does anyone know how to solve the problem of the phone not ringing when the screen is off?

    2. does anyone know how to downgrade from a GPRS-enabled OS to the original OS. Is there a downloadable anywhere that returns the OS to its original unsullied-by-GPRS state?


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    a downgrade is not possible. i had tried it, no chance. in various forum threads too i heard the same and handspring also warns that the gprs upgrade is unundoable.
    my advice to you is to try and redo the gprs update and if that doesn't work - back to handspring with the device.
    i am on my 5th 180g.
    hope the 600 comes quick - although i love my 180g, i fear that its only a matter of months before it gives up its ghost.
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    Thanks jinx - unfortunately, I've tried the GPRS upgrade a few times now and no luck. And Treo are only offering me a 'new' one for $150 - it's been 18 months since I bought my first one and they say the warranty dates from when I bought my first Treo , not the most recent one (I'm on my second one), which I think is a bit of a skew on the definition of warranty.
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    Agree totally! I was told the same thing when I picked up my 3rd 270 - The warranty extends from the first unit. So I now have a 'new' 270 with about a one month warranty... don't figure - How can the warranty be, in any way, related to the first unit, when you don't have it any more
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    If handspring actually thought they had a quality product they would have no problems extending the warrenty from the most recent replacement.

    On a side note, when my last replacement came (5th) they told me that I had 90 days from then or the remainder of the orriginal warrenty which ever was longer.
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    Were you ever able to resolve the problem you had with the ringer? ("phone not ringing when the screen is off"). I am encountering the same issue - flip headset speaker works, system sounds work - but ringer only rings when the flip is open. Vibrate works in both cases - but the regular ring tone only works when the screen is flipped open. Obviously I've done the usual common sense troubleshooting (check the mute switch, ringer volume settings, etc).

    Just bought a "new" Treo 180 on eBay. The eBay vender said "it is brand new" and includes a 1 yr wrty from the manufacturer. However not sure who to call/contact? The vendor sell large quatities of Treo's and has a 99.3% possitive feedback rating out of 4,300 feedback ratings. They vendor said HS warranty covg is based on the serial number and they would provide a sales receipt - but I'm not sure if the qualify as an official HS dealer (ie BestBuy, CompUSA, etc - and how does HS qualify this?). Does HS honor "new" items purchase on eBay. How do we prove the device is a valid "new" serial number - to reflect the start of a warranty coverage period?

    Any suggestions regard the two above issues would appreciate:
    1) No ringer unless phone flipped open
    2) Proving warranty coverage - to either Handspring or to T-mobile.
    Thanks in advance.

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