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    Since I am a n00b with my Treo 300 here, I am not sure if this is the case all around, but I have noticed that my Treo 300 is getting beat up! I have only had it for a few weeks, and it has scratches all over it, and not just tiny scratches, but bigger and deeper scratches. I use a slip in plastic holster I bought at CompUSA, and that thing is definitely the cause of the majority of the scratching. But my question is, why the heck does the thing scratch so easily? The device has got a great form-factor, but the plastic shell is not very tough. I would be pissed if I bought this thing brand new for 500+ bucks when they first came out! I always take good care of my gadgets. I usually have cell phones that still look in mint condition after a year of use, with no major scratching whatsoever, but my Treo is looking well worn already, and just after a couple of weeks use. Not very impressed by that. Is this the case with anyone else?


    PS- The Treo 600 best have a tougher exterior!
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    There are many threads/posts about this. Yes, the current Treo line is not know for keeping its apparently sprayed-on color. Hopefully this has been remedied with the 600.
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    I have the very same problem.
    I purchased the holster directly from Handspring.

    After about a month of use, the lower
    half of the back is now rediculously scuffed.

    You'd think an "official" holster wouldn't
    cause damage to the actual device.

    Of course, you'd think a lot of things.

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