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    Wondering if there will be any 3rd party makers of cases for the Treo 600...I sure hope Vaja does something (nothing on its Website yet).
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    Check these out, they really arent bad

    and here are just some nice pics

    Hope that this is helpful

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    I had a case made 4 my treo 300 at a leather shop. Most cases ware out way 2 fast as they r made cheaply or have very puny cheap belt clips. My case looks somewhat like the hort. case shown 4 the treo 600, it has a very heavy belt clip whichi is rivited in a munber of places. I also made a small ssafety chain using the alligator clip that is used for photo ID's a small medium weight chain and it is hooked onto th ecas. It is lined with lambswool.

    when my treo 600 is in, i will have a case made 4 it as well.

    Any motorcycle leather shop cane make one and it will outlast anything sold as a mass produced udit many fold! take cake jay
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    Can we get the pics of the cases posted again the links don't work.
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    I spoke to the Bellagio Guys today and they told me they will have a totally unique design for the Treo 600 Case which combines phone usability with PDA usability. Apparently the picture on the site is being updated now.
    Sounds awesome..they said this is why it has taken a little longer than originally forecast.
    But they assured me it will be WELL worth waiting for.
    No doubt..these guys make incredible stuff!
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    The only reason I haven't ordered the Bellagio is that I can't tell whether or not it has headphone access. Has anyone spoken to Bellagio about this?
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    I have ordered the Vaja case but might cancel and order the Bellagio instead.

    Any opinions on which is the better case and can you access the earphone from the bellagio . Vaja says you can acess it from there case.

    Also its cheaper as vaja cxase is $60 + 18 shipping
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    I like the Hanspring horizontal design all around EXCEPT I cannot plug in me headset. Ugh!

    I know Covertec makes a case, but has a magnetic-clasp - which I do not like. A magnet clasp killed my old Sanyo phone - discolored the screen. Oh well.

    And I did find the Body Glove case for the Sidekick and is was "so-so".

    Any other side cases like the Handspring (horizontal case, snap/velcro closure, good leather, re-inforced sides) AND I can plug in my headset?

    Dave Lindberg
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    I have the 19.99 Bellagio case. It's excellent. Great looks and protection. Well made.

    Only comments: the small flap covers 60% of the camera. It's simple to flip up the flap and take pix. I think it's good since it helps to protect the lens and still have easy access.

    Stylus is just slightly blocked by top of case...not really an issue.

    My only real issue is with the small flap with magnetic snap. If you don't slowly attach the phone to the clip, the top of the clip will unsnap the small flap as you "put it on."

    Small points. Overall excellent value.
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    Originally posted by Bomeyer
    I have the 19.99 Bellagio case. It's excellent. Great looks and protection. Well made.
    Doesn't the website say its not available until 11/17? Only the flip case is available now. That's my main problem... I need a case with a belt clip yesterday!

    Are there no other options than the Bellagio? The closest I've found is my iPod case... and its not too functional that way.

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    I ordered the cell phone version at the end of Oct when delivery was scheduled for 10 Nov. They came in from Bolivia on 4 Nov, shipped same day and I got it on 7 Nov.

    They post the worst case delivery date based on orders and inventory. You'll probably get it earlier. You won't be disappointed for $19.99 + $5 shipping.

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